Thursday, April 7, 2016

Please pray for the health of all people living in the Mexico City area.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sometimes the best way to face uncertainty, the unknown or big decisions is to remember all that God has brought you through and blessed you with and give thanks!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Still home with bronchitis, but I ask you to pray with me from 11am -1pm (michigan time.) Daniel and Shara and Edgar and Nayeli Ayala along with children and Antonio, TJ, and Alyssa will be holding the first Kids Club in Tepotzotlan, Mexico! Pray for lots of kids and for good weather and all the details/organization. This is the first step towards a churchplant in Tepotzotlan!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Living in a foreign country since before 9-11-2001, could make it easy to forget or not think about a tragedy that changed the USA forever.   But as we hear about the increasing terrorist acts around the world we are reminded that the only true safe place is in the hands of our heavenly Father.  We are praying that each and every one of you knows His peace that passes all understanding in a special way today before the sun goes down!

We are heading into a busy weekend!  Mexico's Independance Day has created an extra long weekend for the whole country.  For most people the festivities will begin on Friday night as they leave work.  Many will not report back to work or school until next Wednesday.  This holiday celebrates the Independence of Mexico but it's celebration often brings out into the open the dependence of many on alcohol and partying.  Accidents due to DUI triple this time of year.  Don't get me wrong, many families have a wonderful time together.  We also live a few miles from the fireworks-making capital of Mexico.  Lots of unfortunate accidents with explosives this time of year also.  Please pray for safety for everyone.
-Today Antonio and I will be traveling to Interlomas for our weekly visit with Enrique and Martha.  Pray we can be an encouragement to them.  Two weeks ago the rehabilitation center Enrique was in flooded during the night.  It is a scary enough experience in normal circumstances but imagine being a quadraplegic and needing to be evacuated!  He is at another hospital but they have only 1/3 of the physical therapy equipment he needs.   We praise God that some of the staff was transferred with the patients so they can at least have that continuity.
-On Sunday afternoon and evening, there will be a dinner and program at the church in celebration of Mexico's Independence Day (September 15/16.) Everyone has been encouraged to invite unsaved neighbors and friends/family.
-Cuautitlan's Independence Day Fair is being set up on the corner by our house as I write this. This means lots of people in our neighborhood for the next 5 days!  And closed off streets as of Sunday.  Pray for safety.  Pray for people to take note of the coffee shop during this time.  We will be open tommorrow and Saturday normal hours.  On the 15th (Day when the Grito of Viva Mexico is done) we will open around 3PM and stay open until the fireworks and Grito are done. The kids will be running the coffee shop with a couple of friends.  Antonio and I will be in the entryway selling hamburgs and inviting people into the coffee shop.  All proceeds will go into the coffee shop fund.  Our desire is for many people to get to know us and return.  We will also be handing out tracks.
Please check out my facebook for pictures of past, present and future events!