Wednesday, April 27, 2011

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 19:14

Today I was sitting at the table by the front door.   Through the window I heard what I thought was hysterical laughing.  I walked outside smiling, expecting to see a bunch of happy people.  As I stepped out onto the sidewalk, I realized it was hysterical weeping and sobbing.  I thought oh no, don chewie died.  But no...I felt like someone sucker punched me directly in the diaphram.  My eyes took in the blinding white of a silk covered tiny coffin as they pulled it out of the hearse.  It wasn't Don Chewie (he has been very sick for monthes), but rather Jose Manuel, his almost 4 year old grandson.  He died instantly of a heart attack.  His body was taken into the house to be mourned.  (In Mexico it is customary to hold a wake with the body of the deceased present for the up to two days before burial.)
After hugging everyone there in the street and trying to give some words of comfort, an Aunt said, "You will come and bring words of comfort to the family tonight?"  
I walked back to my house with the memories of Jose Manuel laughing and running and doing all the things little boys do in my mind.  How was I going to give any comfort if my own heart was in shock and asking, "Why?"
I prayed alot all afternoon.  God helped me to remember a lot of verses that have helped me through the years.  BUT at eleven pm as I watched the father lean over the casket and promise to never forget his son or the joy he brought to their life...I had no words other than "May God give you the strength to endure your pain and the hope that only God can give to go on."  Please pray for Jose Manuel's family.  One of his aunts is saved, the rest of the family is not.  The picture below is not a picture of Jose Manuel but it does capture the memory of his personality and life!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's raining It's pouring

Been rainin' everyday!  Everything is turning green and flowers are bloomin' and....I am lovin' it!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Verdolagas con carne de puerco en salsa verde is for dinner

Pork with purslane or little hogweed in green salsa.  To know more about the greens look here:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

There Shall Be Showers of Blessings

As a young girl I always loved rainstorms.  The thunder and lightning fascinated me.  And the rain...oh the rain was always such a relief.  Right now it is the dry season in Mexico and in the last month there have been several times where the sky darkened, lightning flashed, and the thunder seemed to rumble for miles!  Everywhere...Everyone was peeking out the window or looking up in expectation of the first rains.  But no rain...  

In all honestly, I personally feel like I have been trapped in one of those dry seasons myself.  In the last six monthes the "skies have seemed dark" over my life.  Lightning has flashed and thunder has rumbled, but no rain.   I keep looking up to see the showers of blessing fall on those around me but......NO RAIN!

News from home seems to always be negative.  Here and there people who have always been strong in the Lord are falling.  Some of them are the very people  that I have leaned on.  Here in Mexico, it seems like everywhere God puts me, people are hurting and confused.  You might say, "Sounds like you are right where a missionary should be!"  True yet not an easy place to be.  

I praise God for His constant presence in my life and for the strength His Word gives my family to always share the hope of life in Jesus!  Please join me in praying for Mexico and her millions that need to see the refreshing waters of salvation in Jesus!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Praise the Lord! A star is born?

For those of you who know Alyssa well...this is a God thing.  The fact that she is in front is miracle enough!  But joining the song leaders?  God is truly doing things in her life.  I am so proud of her and excited to see where our Lord will lead her next.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Love is in the air!

 This afternoon both TJ and Alyssa are off to a wedding!   Alyssa is going to the wedding of a neighbor and TJ is going to the wedding of Pau's cousin.  So Antonio and I are going on the date he promised earlier this week!! 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Coveting your prayers

Ron and Zina Allen
- wisdom as they lead the team and balance interim pastoring and teaching and administrating the school their boys attend.
-Safety as someone in their neighborhood was robbed and had their car stolen.
- continuing ministy to singles and finding her spot in the new ministry plan of ABWE Mexico Team
Kurt and Bethany Gomez
-visa interview for his resident of the USA card is scheduled for April 12 in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.  Pray for safety in such a dangerous city as they will be there 6 days.  Upon receiving the visa they will take around 10 days to sell and store things before heading to Pennsylvania.
-Baby Gomez is growing great and is due the first days of June.
- Kurt will attend ABWE canididate seminar in July, they will report to churches and need to raise about $1000 per month in support.
Joe and Heidi DePuy
- furlough in May(housing, car, reporting to supporting churches and meetings to raise lacking support).  Wisdom as Joe leads Juan and Claudia(contacts from soccer ministry)through the Story of Hope study.  Prayer is they can finish it before the DePuys leave and for the salvation of Juan and Claudia.
Iglesia Bautista ABWE de las Trojes
- Pray for the leaders as they make important decisions about the future.  Pray for the leaders as they write the church constitution and doctinal statement. 
-Pray also for property to purchase and build a bulding on.
-Omega Churchplanters course-  1st module is done!  God is moving in the hearts and lives of the students.  They have a 2 week break.
Familia Navarrete
-continuing to search for location and equipment for coffee ministry and scrapbook ministry
-Antonio is enjoying teaching the Omega course immensely
-pray for continued contacts with neighbors to begin Story of Hope studies in homes.
-schools for TJ and Alyssa.
-border trip in the next month to get ministry and personal belongiings from Texas.
Very soon the Gomez' and DePuys will be on furlough.  The starting of the Churchplanters Institute using Omega materials has been pushed back to this fall.  Pray for contacts with churches and individuals interested in the training and for the remainder of the team as they begin the first module.