Thursday, January 31, 2008

If these hands could talk...

This picture hangs above my desk. I bought it because I had seen it hanging on my friend Rosie's refrigerator. I also bought it to remind myself that He holds me in the palm of His hand.
When I got sick a few weeks ago, the IV caused an infection in the vein in my hand and arm. It caused me to look at my hands alot. I have always loved my mother's hands and suddenly find that mine now look like hers. I pray that they are as comforting, giving and strong as hers always seemed to me. I was showing my wedding album to a friend on Sunday. We came to a picture of Antonio and my hands. I was kind of sad as I looked at the soft hands, manicured nails, and a sparkling diamond. I could read into the picture all the excitement and hopes to be. The diamond fell out two days after Alyssa was born. I haven't had or done a self-manicure in years! Just when I was going to cry, Antonio walked over and said "So what do you think of the album? Diana has the touch, her hands can do miracles."
I just kept looking at the pictures. Later as I tried to think of one miracle they have ever done, Alyssa walked into my bedroom and said "I have a sliver in my finger and nobody can get it out. Will you try?" After poking around for awhile it came out. Alyssa said, "It's a miracle. I tried all day! Thanks supermom!" Okay so it isn't really a bonafide "miracle." But it did make me realize how many real miracles happen without our noticing.
Like the sun rising and setting everyday.
Like waking up.
Waking up and being able to walk, talk, smell, taste, hear and see.
Being able to pull out a sliver.
Sharing a meal with a friend.
Reading the Bible without fear.
Singing praise to my Lord even if I sing like a frog.
Holding two babies God let me birth.
Watching those babies hold babies at church.
Today my devotions talked about lifting holy hands. I confess my hands aren't near as holy as they need to be but...I think I am more desirous that they be holy than ever before.