Sunday, September 16, 2012

so here I sit wondering how to express the pain I feel at being deceived and betrayed.  Our patio was invaded by thieves this weekend.  They took "things" and a bit of my peace and trust.  That is hard enough but to discover they are neighbors is soooo frightening and a huge disillusion.  
Human side wants justice...daughter of God side quietly whispers "show mercy and let me shine through a forgiving spirit."  
Human side screams "AT LEAST LET ME EXPRESS HOW MUCH YOU HURT ME!"...ambassador of Christ side advises "Preach Christ alone and count others better than yourself."  
Mother and wife side bares her claws and through gritted teeth seethes "how dare you violate my home and refuge of my family"...Bride of Christ praises her Groom for His protection and awaits His second coming with much desire.  
Please pray with me for the words, actions and testimony that will leave these thieves/boys/men with no option but to fall to their knees before our Holy, Just, Loving God and through the power of His shed blood become my brothers in Christ!