Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy 2009!

I have wonderful news! The internet cafe near our home is owned and run by Christians! So instead of paying high internet fees we are able to use their internet for practically nothing!
We are settling into our new and smaller space but God is omniscient! We have had more visitors from the church in our month here than in the whole 3 years we were in Izcalli! All ministries continue to move along. We are going begin a Wednesday night prayer and Bible study time soon.
Please pray for
-ongoing ministries
- new ministries
-opportunities to witness to neighbors
-TJ entered computer school and Alyssa will decide and enter a school soon too.
-ABWE team has invited Mexican Pastors and wives and some other missionaries to begin meeting on a periodic basis. Our first meeting was in November. The next will be in February.
-Teammates Joe and Heidi DePuy as the finish up language school and will arrive in Mexico this summer.
-Teammates Ron and Zina Allen as they juggle responsibilities of: director and teacher at their boy's school, Co-pastoring the church in Tlalnepantla, and ABWE Team leaders to Mexico
Teammate Bethany Dean in all of her ministries in the church in Tlalnepantla.