Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's all in the perspective...

Today I received  a very uplifting email from a prayer warrior named Tara.  BUT it started out with "If you don't mind me sharing a little bit... I used to be very much apposed to coffee ministries and I questioned their effectiveness."

........................................WOW pick me up off the floor!  NEVER even entered my mind that anyone would not instantly grab the vision for this ministy and love it!  I imagined everyone praying, and wishing they could come help and enjoy coffee and share the Gospel!  (My friends say it is a good thing I am a dreamer cuz reality would scare me! :)  After I closed my email.  I was washing dishes and pondering...."How many more people did not/do not /will not understand the coffee shop ministry?"  That led to all kinds of thoughts like:  "Is that why it going so slow?"  or "Maybe that is why I haven't heard even a peep from so and so!"  or "Should I do an email and explain it better?" or "But coffee is universal and how can it not be a great way to reach people and give people jobs?" 

I have not changed my mind!  I just got a perspective check and after praying and thinking for a day am more convinced in my heart that the coffee shop ministry is definitely a vision/dream given by God and will be an incredible tool.  

The email ended like this, "Somehow God has changed my perspective and my heart. Now, my dream is to open an international coffee shop ministry.  For my honeymoon, last month, my husband, Jason, and I stayed on a coffee plantation in Costa Rica and toured it. I also learned a lot about coffee on a plantation in Guatamala.  What an experience!!! Anyway, currently I am a manager at a large catering company here in Michigan while going to school for Ministry Leadership in hopes I can use my experience and education in full-time ministry like church planting and coffee ministries. :-) Jason is a photographer and graphic designer which he hopes to use to help missionaries or our minisry in the future. We are passionate about using our talents, abilities, and passionate about evangelism"

Pray with me for Tara and her husband Jason and how God will use them to further His Kingdom.
Praise God with me for the dreams, visions, plans, talents, and gifts, that He has planted and given each of us!