Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Internet cafes vs home....

Yup I am in an internet cafe attempting to update my blog! 3 computer crashes have left me with no alternative! The 2 dinosaur computers with windows 98 have both gone where all good dinosaurs have gone!?!? My son used the laptop on Saturday which led to an emergency trip to a computer repair shop! My dear hubby said, "Anyone touches my laptop again and ......" I am in the internet cafe. I am sitting on a folding chair, it is dark and very cubicle! Definitely not the same as my music in the background with an office chair and sunlight streaming in the window.
I thought about what to say on the walk over here and have decided there is too much info to update on everything so I will just say that:

- we are moving soon. I will send you all the new address as soon as I have it.

-we are all healthy.

-ministry is going normal.

-it has been cold here. (As in down to the 30's!) With no heating system that means 4 cold Navarretes!

-I miss Fall and you all!