Monday, December 10, 2007

How I woke up this past week...

Tuesday 4AM: "mom....Mom...MOM...I'm in the bathroom pukeing..." TJ
Wednesday 3AM: "honey...Honey...HONEY...(Loud barfing) Antonio
Thursday ?AM: Diana running to the bathroom
Friday: Diana still running to the bathroom
Saturday 5AM: neighbor's kareoke party still going strong
Sunday 4AM: "Honey, Diana, I have this great idea. Tell me what you think okay?"
Sunday 6AM: "Mom, I don't feel very well." Alyssa
Monday 7AM: " went downstairs and the Christmas tree is tipped over and a lot of ornaments are broken..."
Scented candles are one of my favorite things. When I am stressed they are calming.
TODAY I LIT ALL OF THE CANDLES THAT ARE IN THE HOUSE! Like the two pictured here, I am hoping for a little peace and joy!
It is going to be a good but busy week! We have the ABWE Christmas party, the Youth Group Christmas party, and a Christmas dinner at the church. We also have 2 different couples in weekly marriage counselling and a family has asked for family counselling. Plus the normal church activities and homeschooling. I think I'll go light another candle.

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