Monday, June 2, 2008

Much to pray for ....

Alejandra is one of the women who visited 2 weeks ago. She did not come the following Sunday but left a message on our answering machine that she was sick and to please pray for her. She did not leave a number so we have been praying for her each day. Yesterday she did not come again. Someone sent a text message to a cell phone number they had for her son. Seconds later their phone rang. It was Alejandra. She is sick with a nine month type "illness!" People get pregnant everyday right? Alejandra is 45 and believed she had gone through early menopause. Nope! The sporatic menstruation was due to a cyst. She is shocked, happy and praising God that after two ultrasounds in two weeks: baby is doing great and the cyst is shrinking and a separated placenta is reattaching? She said she was on bed rest for two weeks.

To our surprise, she and her husband and two sons, walked into the church last night! Her words, "I know that you all have been praying because I such a peace and feel great! I also feel so much like you are our family just after one visit and phone call."
This medically sounds like a rough pregnancy but our God is much bigger than any lab report!

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