Monday, June 23, 2008

Wonderful News.....

In March and April, I told you about Lucia being diagnosed with breast cancer. They did a mastectomy. This past week she reported for what she thought would be her first chemotherapy. We were all sad. She said her husband brushed her hair the night before as she cried thinking her hair would be falling out. To her great joy, the doctor was waiting for her to say All of your analysis are cancer-free. We are going to do bi-monthly check-ups for a year and NO chemotherapy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucia's husband still wants nothing to do "with that church." But she came to church Sunday morning to give testimony of the great things God has done in her life. Her request was not for her health but rather for her husband to give our wonderful God an opportunity. Please pray for Julio Cesar.

Today Antonio came home with the new portable sound system. So he and TJ are doing solos in the livingroom. We will be using it for the first time this Sunday as we have a quinceaƱos and the mission team from Emmanuel Baptist Church in Toledo Ohio will be using it next week in park ministry! Pray people to be reached for Christ and a burden for missions planted in the hearts of the mission team. I have lots to do this week and next, but I will try to share as often as I can how things are going.

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