Thursday, March 5, 2009

Many of you have written asking....

about the violence in Mexico. Some of you have insisted we leave, some have changed plans about coming to visit, and some have assured us of your prayers for our protection.
We are fine. We take the precautions of not being out too late, always travelling with another person, and not waving our few dollars around. Most of the events you are hearing about are on the border or in parts of Mexico that are hours away from us. Mexico City, like any large city, has always had crime and reasons to be careful. Yes, things are"worse" than a few years ago, but that is true of the whole world. Remember also that the end times will be full of difficult and sinful things. We see the increasingly difficult times and events as an indicator of the great need for the world around us to hear of the hope we have in Christ. Antonio has been preaching through Revelations. The statement "Well praise the Lord, we won't even be here for all of this," with the next statement being, "But I am so convicted of the need to share the Gospel, so that all my friends and family can have the same hope and assurance I have," has been repeated often. The Mexican people themselves talk of the increased violence but always come back with the only solution is we must be more bold in sharing the Gospel!
Mexico like the rest of the world, is a hurting, sick with sin, and separated from God, nation. Like the painting above, she needs to simply reach out to Christ for healing, pardon and reconciliation with God. Until each individual does that, the violence, crime, corruption, lonliness, and confusion can only increase.
I want to assure you that each day we lift up prayers to our Lord for his protection and wisdom in living and ministering in Mexico. We pray for you all too. The stories that come from "home" about the crisis provoke more concern in us than the news reports you are hearing and seeing about Mexico! Stories of desperate people doing desperate and often violent things are more common everyday.

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