Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pizza, laughter, and visitating...

We(the Navarrete family) had a great time just hanging out and doing email and eating pizza and watching TV and playing board games and eating homemade blackberry pie at teammate Bethany Dean's house last night! It was the "relax and laugh a little time" before the next busy month.
We are so excited to just list our plans for you:

April 24-May 1 Shelby Road Baptist Mission Team will be here: they will participate in Youth Group, Couple Meeting, Ladies Bible Study, Church services, Cirenia and Juan's wedding, do painting and odd jobs at the church, do basketball camp, visit Missionary Baptist Church in Valle Dorado and visit with the Navarrete family! Are you tired already?

Church activities in the next month are:
Usual: Kids Club, Men's meeting, Women's Meeting, Youth group, Thursday Ladies Bible study, Special events: a wedding, and an outing to a river on May 9 for baptism of 9 brothers and sisters in Christ!

May 5-18ish: visit to field of teammates Joe and Heidi DePuy,

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