Monday, October 25, 2010

Things I am learning or was reminded of ...

Technology let my family follow me through the whole surgery and recovery process.
Boy in hindsight was that smile naive!
This is a give thanks in all things smile. I was thankful but honestly did not like that machine.

As my perfect plan to have a quick fix of a hernia while on a short furlough went a different way....
I am not invincible.
I was reminded of how awesome the human body is.
I have truly faithful and discerning prayer warriors. Thank you and don't stop praying.
USA healthcare is not perfect or superior to that of a foreign country. (that means don't wait 4 years till you "get home" to do surgery)
Holland Hospital has great nurses in the outpatient and recovery.
Bedrest is necessary but not necessarily fun.
You need to keep your mind occupied during bedrest.
My hubby is the best and deserves a medal for putting up with my tears of frustration!
I have very little idea of true suffering.
Age affects recovery alot.
God uses ALL things for good to those who fear Him.
It is possible to love God alot more each day.
Worship, joy and a grateful heart go a long way in the healing process.
You would be very surprised who your loyalest or most available friends are in time of need.
God blessed me more than I knew when He made us part of ABWE. Thank you home office staff.
One smile and hug from Alyssa can change your whole outlook on life.
God is good even when you think everything is bad.
I will never give a pat, short, glib answer to a sick person again in my lifetime.
Sometimes you gotta dig deep and pull out even the smallest speck of junk...before you can really be alright.
GOD is ALWAYS with us.
God provides EVERYTHING we need.
If you call, HE WILL answer and you will not believe what He will show you.

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