Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Alabaster Box

Everyday as I have been walking in my neighborhood and to the church, I pass 12 altars to the Virgin Mary and 9 "places of worship or religous institution of some type" Literally 1000's of Mexican people enter these places each week...giving the little they have to "buy the favor of the saints" or to earn points to enter heaven or simply to be filled with emotional promses! All of them do not even begin to understand the price that has been paid. They do not know the joy and freedom of being forgiven and set free. Today as I walked, the song included here came to mind and I spent the rest of my walk remembering...all that my Lord and Savior rescued me from. I was reminded that I too did not understand until that moment my heart opened and He entered in. Do you remember that day for you? Let it be the thought that makes you humble yet bolder than ever to tell the story of how He found you and freed you! How He loves you everyday!

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