Sunday, May 8, 2011

Do you live your life...everyday, every decision, every thought as if...

Easy to write on a piece of paper and usually comforting to say.  BUT do you really understand the impact of this phrase?


Today Victor preached on Daniel 4.  He highlighted verse 35.  Remember Victor is blind and has had a brain tumor and now depends on others for just about everything.   Victor said "I am going bare my soul today.   Lately I feel cheated, alone, frustrated and like I have no chance at anything.  I have asked  "Why does God do what He does in my life or the life of other Christians?" 
The title of our sermon today is "God is Sovereign."  He then explained what the word sovereign means as it pertains to the nature and character of God.  If you want, I can tell the rest of the message but how about you read the passage a couple times and meditate on it for a day or two...till you believe you understand the sovereignty of God..


Try writing  "God is sovereign" on several post it notes and stick them in strategic places you will see during your day(bathroom, kitchen, car, TV room, bedroom, workplace, school locker, gym, wallet, Bible, novel you are reading, write it into your shopping list, stick it in your check book, sick it on your boat, motorcycle, pool, cellphone, ipod, laptop, xbox, play station, your kid's or spouse's forehead, your credit card, your refrigerator, stick it on your career, your vacation, your plans for the day, plans for the week, plans for the year, and for the future)....see what happens when this truth affects your life in that spot!

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