Sunday, August 26, 2007

I know I said Monday but...

Today as I sat in traffic on the way home from church (after dropping off 12 people, did you know an eight passenger van can hold 16 semi-comfortably?) listening to my teens in the back seat complaining that they were missing some program that they have started to watch, and sensing my hubby's "road rage" was building, I decided to block everything out and think about something good/better. POP into my head came HEAVEN. No I did not think I was there! In fact the first thought was "I bet there are no potholes and road construction on those streets of gold." So of course I laughed. Unforunately it was one of those badly timed laughs as my hubby had asked me a question. I tried to explain about the potholes but he did not seem to have the same sense of humor. So as he pouted out the driver side window, I went back to my thoughts. Just as I thought about walks in quiet places and lots of wide open spaces filled with the presence of my Lord, a bus nicked the side mirror on my side of the car and POP I was back in reality. Me, in a van with two grumpy teenagers, their "feeling neglected" dad and 5 lanes of traffic trying to fit into one because the contruction guys never put out any cones on Saturday when they quit work. Or maybe people stole them? I remember it being one of those big "dares" as teens. That or a stop sign! I don't think anyone would miss the stop signs here. Nobody pays attention to them anyway. Sorry for the detour (ha no pun intended!) As Antonio urged me to stick my head out and see if there was any damage, I quietly said, "I bet in heaven there are no fender benders either." The reply: " just stick your head out okay?! " So I lost it and said "Sure, stick my head out the window where a bus just clipped off the side mirror. You think I wanted to go to heaven today or what?" I won't bore you with how everyone accused me of finally loosing it and will just tell you that maybe I will try thinking about heaven later tonight. Like when everyone else is sleeping and I am alone.

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