Friday, August 24, 2007

Do you think much about heaven?

This morning in my devotions there was a mention of heaven. It got me thinking and I remembered something I had read by Amy Carmichael:

"What must heaven keep in store for us, if earth can offer us such unimaginable beauty? I have a tiny blue feather, so unbelievably blue that you feel as you look at it that only God could have thought of such a blue. I wonder what heaven will have for us in the way of surprises of color. Did you ever think how impossible it is to imagine a new color, and yet the Creator of color is not confined to seven and combinations of seven. What dazzling mysteries lie just beyond our view! I do not wonder that men who were given glimpses of these glories fell back on similitudes and the phrase as it were. As it were a paved work of sapphire stone; and as it were the body of heaven in all his clearness(Exodus 24:10). But it will be Love that makes heaven. Beauty alone would leave us cold. Think what it will be to look around and not see a single unloving face, and to know that in all heaven there is not one who can think an unkind thought."

So often heaven brings images of gold and jewels and singing will be infinitely more!

It's Friday. This weekend, let's try to spend a few minutes (minimum) each day thinking about heaven! On Monday let's see how our week starts different because our eyes are on eternity instead of little old today.

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