Friday, August 10, 2007

Welcome to a day in the life.

I am enough of a dreamer or romantic to think that the first real entry on this blog should be about something profound.......Unfortunately this week has been pretty "normal" with no great events to wax poetic about. SO.....that means that your prayers for me have been working! Life is tranquil and without crisis! Yeah we found something truly profound to write about. Prayer! My great words about it? Thank you dear Lord for allowing us into the throne room! And thank you for friends and family who enter there on my behalf! I recently asked you to pray for the first annual ladies retreat at Iglesia Bautista de las Trojes on August 4. It went very well. All of the ladies have shared how wonderful it was to come away for a day and share and hear and eat and laugh and cry and just get to know each other better. Our theme was Shine Right Where You Are. We talked about Matthew 5:14-16. Everyone is already putting pesos in their piggy banks for a two day retreat next August!
Tommorrow, the whole church will be travelling to Valle Dorado to help Missionary Baptist Church of Valle Dorado(church we ministered in our first term) celebrate their 16th anniversary! On Mother's Day of this year we took the ladies of our church there for a celebration. One of their comments was "Wow, now we really know why God sent you to Las Trojes. So we could have a building like this and imagine all the things God could do if we just had more room and this many brothers and sisters in Christ in our church!" We talked about a church not being a building but rather Christians willing to go out into the world around them and share what Christ has done for them and the world. I was not sure if they understood until at the ladies retreat, someone said "So if we shine for Jesus no one will see us or how poor we are or where we come from, they will just see Jesus!" And someone else said "Of course remember what she said in Valle Dorado. We don't want people to see a building. We want them to see Christ in us. We want our lives to make them thirst and hunger for what we have in our hearts." Inside my heart I did a happy dance and just smiled cuz my girls are getting the idea, and God is gonna do great things in Las Trojes through them.

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