Monday, October 15, 2007

From the mouth of babes

I have been learning so much lately. I originally started this blog to share about anything and everything. At least until I realized that sharing anything and everything made me pretty vulnerable and also opened the door to misunderstanding or confusion. I have sort of avoided coming here for weeks. No one is or would force me to write about things but....did ya ever just know you needed to say/write things out loud to someone? Were you ever convicted that certain things in your life happened just because you would and could share about them for God's glory.(please no theological or doctrinal arguments on that statement) I have no doubt that each of you has situations in your life that need to be talked through or used to give testimony of the goodness and greatness and mercy of God. So...for starters, pray for me. I have been disillusioned with ministry and people in the last month. I have more than likely disappointed people also. As I can, I will begin to share the ways in which God is filling, healing, and cleaning up those areas of my life. And I hope you will share with me too. I don't even mean give me answers just share what you are learning and how God is working. Over and over again God told his people to share what He had done for them. To give testimony to others and their own children.

I titled this entry "From the Mouth of Babes" because yesterday I wandered off from the group at a birthday party to just catch my breath and mediatate on all that was happening around me. A little boy from the party quietly appeared at my side took my hand and said "God is so good. He gave me a new best friend today!" He considered me his best friend just because I shared my bread with him at the meal. I have alot of best friends then!!! He then motioned for me to kneel down. He wrapped his arms around my neck and said "Is there anything, I mean anything, I can do for you?"
"Nah, I'm fine."
"Okay but remember best friends ALWAYS help each other."
"Are you telling me you want or need something else?"
"No, well could you smile cuz your eyes crinkle up just like my grandma's do when she is happy."
He waited until I smiled for real and then ran off to play basketball with TJ and the other guys.
I snuffed up all the tears from the dam that was trying to let loose and went off to find my friend Alicia and give her hug.
God made me realize I have alot of friends and need to tell them so and share with them. I only sent the address of this blog to friends so I can simply say "Thank you for being my friend and I pray for you to see God working in your life in as tangible a way as the little boy He used to give me a hug yesterday."

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