Saturday, November 17, 2007

I had a real Mom's dayout!

Today was a Diana's morning and afternoon out! I went to a craft store that is sort of like Micheals in Michigan. I was there from 10:12 AM until 12:46 PM just walking, looking, dreaming and deciding that I really did not have the time to do half the crafts I was looking at. I went to find a craft for the upcoming Christmas Ladies Brunch. I found one! I will take a picture and post it when I get the example done.
Then I went to a three and one half hour lunch with a friend. NO we did not eat for three hours we just talked about anythng and everything. I got on the bus to go home too relaxed and talked out to care that the 4 mile trip home took 1 hour and 40 minutes!
When I finally got home everyone was in an uproar. "MOM WE CALLED YOU LIKE 10 TIMES! Oops! I had the cellphone on silence. Was there an emergency? Well no, this mom just never goes anywhere alone and muchless for more than 2 hours at a time. At least they are all old enough now that they did eat lunch! Actually now that I think about it they said they went out to lunch, without me! The next comment was, "Did you buy us anything?"
"I went to the craft store."
"You left at 9AM and its after 6PM! Mom that was like 8 hours?!"
"There was just too much to choose from and I did go to lunch too!"
"All that time were right next to the new mall!"
Yup I am definitely on the otherside of the generation gap!

Anybody up there in Michigan, if you are the mall shopping type could you pass by for my teens the next time you go!?

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