Monday, November 12, 2007

"You shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem..."

Our "Jerusalem" is an area near the church called Santa Elena. Yesterday, after a wonderful potluck meal, 15 adults and several children set out walking to an area we had not gone door-to-door yet! We handed out around 100 tracts and talked to several people. Please pray for everyone who received a tract.
So often we see evangelism as something missionaries do or as something you go away to do. Several people made comments about how many people actually live around the church. The observation was also made of how many of them seemed to not really care about spiritual things. Or how many don't even know what the religion they profess to believe in teaches.
Most when asked if they go to a church, replied "the catholic church on holidays or if I do something bad."
When asked "do you believe in God or Christ?", the typical answer was "Of course."
The logical question then was "What does that mean in your life?"
Answer- "Hey I'm catholic."
"What religion are you trying to get me to change to?"
"Actually not a religion, I would say I just want you to hear what Jesus Christ has done in my life."
Some say "no thanks" and others listen but at the end say "Well I'm Catholic."
Please pray for our witness to be bold and steady. Life can get so busy and we can conform to once a month evangelism. Pray for each of the believers in the church here to be faithful in daily sharing their faith through words and testimony.

Here in Mexico, just like the rest of the world, there is evidence each day of how far man is from God. Yesterday Antonio preached from Judges. The last verse of the book was the topic of conversation at dinner.
"In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes." Judges 21:25
Carmen was baptised a couple of weeks ago. Her comment was.
"I am so glad that I can say Jesus is king of my life and with His help He always will be. For too long I was quite the queen doing what my heart wanted. But I was unhappy and now I am so happy! I can hardly wait to go hand out tracts. I want my neighbors to have the only true king on the throne of their lives!" Her comment has been coming to mind alot in the last 24 hours. I to be honest had to take myself off the throne in couple of areas of my life. Praise God for His faithfulness in completing the work He has begun in us!

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