Sunday, November 4, 2007

The room and the Lord's table were standing room only

Did this one ever happen to you? The church is full to standing in the hallway outside and you are serving the Lord's supper and you don't have enough cups of grape juice poured! We counted on the 4 new people baptized last week but did not expect the other 13 people. Just a few monthes ago the church was half full and 9 saved and baptized people celebrated the Lord's Supper for the first time as a church. Today 26 saved and baptized people celebrated the Lord's Supper! Our hearts like the church were busting at the seams! How sweet to gather around to remember all our Lord Jesus Christ did for us. How exciting to sing and celebrate that our Lord Jesus Christ will come again soon!

Yesterday was the Ladies meeting at the church. God blessed us with three visitors. We were 21 women in all. We talked about what a transformed heart looks like in everyday life. When our time together ended, nobody wanted to go home! This morning, in the prayer time before the morning service, one of the ladies shared she had gone home and made a phone call to a niece she had been estranged from (in other words fighting with) for two years. Her words "God grabbed me by my stiff neck yesterday and I just knew that I would not sleep or have peace until I mended relations with her. I have all this time thought she was really bad and wrong. God showed me through the Bible study yesterday that even if she was, I was worse because I know better and my testimony was pushing her away from God. She accepted my phone call! Then she accepted my apology! Keep praying for her to come to church!" Isn't God just too awesome?! Just think for a little while how patient He is with us. Our challenge yesterday was to compare our lives with 4 short verses in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. I humbly challenge you to read them and come away ready for radical change in your life.

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