Monday, October 29, 2007

Peace in the Storm

We are still dealing with cold temperatures! As in 33-45 degrees Farenheit! People have died due to no in-home heating . We had a major question mark about whether to go ahead with our plans on Sunday! It was Baptism day! Missionary flexiblity or is it ingenuity gave us the plan to use our industrial size coffee pot to heat water for the portable baptistry(we filled it half full with water from the tap and 5 pots of steaming hot water! One of the ladies who was baptized said "God has a sense of humor! One of the things I struggle with in my life is a dependence on caffeine and there I went under the waters that smelled like coffee!"
Four people braved the icy waters to give testimony before God, the church, and unsaved family members! One of the ladies in her testimony talked about the church being her family. It was awesome when around 15 people said "Amen." After the service no one rushed off. It was so wonderful to see everyone standing/sitting around sharing and laughing and crying and hugging and encouraging one another! God is truly moving in Las Trojes!
On another note so is the enemy! Several families are really going through trials but each of them is putting on the whole armor of God and standing firm! On Saturday one of the teens brought a friend who is not saved and has had suicidal thoughts. It was a privilege to share the hope of the Gospel and even more exciting to see the teens rise up and share the hope they have in Christ. To see them gather around the visitor and pray and encourage was heartwarming and encouraging. To see them putting into practice all they are learning is uplifting.
I started out with peace in the storm, because despite the cold it has been a warm weekend in Las Trojes. Christ truly does give peace in the storm/trials.

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