Tuesday, December 25, 2007


We have spent alot of time talking about our hearts in this Christmas season. We talked about them at the Ladies Brunch, the Church Christmas Dinner, and the youth Christmas party. Much of what we have said or heard was not new to us...and at times it was said just because it was what a missionary should say at Christmas time. That is until Saturday night at around 11 PM. We received a phone call from Michigan saying "Mom is in intensive care. Her heart is not working correctly."
All of a sudden all at that heart talk took on new meaning. It was a long night as we waited to hear what would happen next. As I sat in my livingroom thousands of miles from my mommy, I had time to really think about hearts. I do not have words to express how deeply the idea of my mom's heart not being okay physically, has affected how clearly I have seen the many mal-functioning spiritual hearts around me. That awareness grew tremendously on Sunday morning when my mother crying on the phone said " No don't come home, I will be alright and you have things to do there." We talked about the Christmas program that would happen later in the day. Earlier in the week we gave out 100 invitations. My Mom, she has her spiritual heart right where it should be. I hope I am that brave when my children say "It's time for me to go Mom."

On Monday at noon, my mom was fitted with a pacemaker. She is doing great! She may even be home in time for Christmas dinner! Most people get battery operated toys...but my mom well she is now my battery operated supermom. Actually the pacemaker is just a detail. I think she is really a Holy Spirit-operated super testimony. Please thank God with me for a Christian mother who even in dificult times keeps her eyes on the Christ of Christmas! Please pray for her recovery and all the lifestyle changes she needs to make now.

Lots of people came to the Christmas program. The kids, teens and adults did an excellent job of sharing the need for Jesus Christ to be born in each of our hearts! I pray that Christ is the center of your heart and Christmas!

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