Monday, March 17, 2008

All that she needed...

Thank you for praying for Sirenia! She asked us to visit her on Sunday expressing physical and emotional needs. To most it would seem that God had pulled the rug out from under her. Everyone around her would say "Somebody put a curse of bad luck on you!" You and I know that God simply permitted her to land on her bottom so she could get on her knees! She did just that yesterday in the AM church service. Sirenia is now a believer. Her earthly situation has not changed much but her eternal problems are resolved!

One of Sirenia's comments the other day was "I don't know why these things keep happening. I read my Bible last night and it kept talking about fools and not listening. I think I want to listen but I'm not sure to what."

Yesterday she heard "what!" Please pray for her and us as we counsel and disciple her. Please pray a hedge of protection around her and her children. She has much to learn and resolve in her life. Her husband is not with her now, please help us to pray him home!

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