Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Antonio has been sick and getting worse for a several monthes. He finally took himself to the doctor yesterday. He has a problem with high levels of uric acid. I think they call it gout? One of his feet is extremely swollen and painful. He is taking medicine and on bed rest for as long as he can stand it! (Somehow I think that is his translation of what the doctor probably said!) He is definitely willing to listen for now. His exact words in the middle of the night last night were. "NOOOOO do not cover my foot! Even the weight of the sheet hurts!"

For some reason the only word that comes to my mind for ME in this situation is soft. A while ago, a pastor friend gave me that word. He said "Diana one of your words to always remember and live is ...soft." I love soft breezes, and soft grass between my toes, and soft sand at the beach, and soft frozen yogurt, and soft pillows and blankets and soft jazz music, and soft sweaters and soft footies and soft butterfly kisses and....somehow soft is much harder when it is supposed to be me! Antonio is a cuddler and "a pamper me when he is sick" kind of guy. So soft is a good thing for me to be when he is sick. Wednesday is normally our day off so I got up put on soft footies, soft sweatpants, soft music on the stereo, opened the blinds a to let in some soft sunlight and crawled back into bed to cuddle. Needless to say it was not long before Antonio said "I appreciate the "soft" stuff but tell me how many things your brain is actually off doing. I would love to just sleep in, so maybe you could go do computer stuff or maybe a nice breakfast in bed!"
How does he do that? After I finish softly typing in this entry, I am going down to make some soft boiled eggs and warm doughy biscuits!

Be Soft!

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