Monday, March 3, 2008

Imagine birthing a 15 year old!.....

This past week we had the incredible privilege to witness and be part of two new families being birthed! Friends of friends were in Mexico City doing paperwork for the adoption of two mexican teenagers. We got to ride along and help translate. I know how incredible birthing two babies was but can only imagine what suddenly having a 15 year old daughter or son would be like!

I cannot begin to tell all of the emotions I witnessed and felt as the events of the week unfolded. I can tell you that I got a little taste of how God must feel as He opens His arms wide and unconditionally welcomes us into His family. I am also glad that being adopted into God's family does not involve visits to Mexican offices and the US Embassy.

Our new friends are currently in the US Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, finishing up the hopefully last stages of paperwork. I ask you to pray for Chad and Christy as they will soon cross the border with their new daughter Martha and for Roger and Luanne as they cross the border with new son Ramon. That border has been a turning point in the lives of soooo many Mexicans for years! This week it will witness the beginning of two new families!

Martha and Ramon's last words from Eduardo (director of the orphanage) were that they weren't just joining a new family but also being sent out by the orphanage as missionaries to Michigan. Both of them confirmed their salvation in our home we pray blessings upon them as they adjust to Michigan, new families, a new church and new friends!

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