Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lazy Sunday afternoons

I am sittin' here trying to remember the last time I was home for a lazy Sunday afternoon.....I think it was in 2006! Anyway I made soup, salad, and baked potatoes for dinner. I am barefoot and just came in from putting some water in my geraniums. I was sitting by the front window and noticed a very droopy plant. I read 5 whole chapters in a book! About the only thing missing is Hymns By Request playing on the radio! Sorry that was one of those nostalgic moments. When I was a kid we listened a radio program on WFUR called "Hymns By Request." People sent in letters to request songs for birthdays, anniversaries, in memory of loved ones or just because they liked the hymn. We always had to take a nap on Sunday afternoons and it was the perfect way to relax if you weren't sleepy. I think hymns and singing in English are one of the things I miss most living in a foreign country. Please sing loud and with gusto the next time you are in church singing hymns!

How did I get on that subject? The next two weeks are going to be bussssssy! So maybe that's why God gave me a quiet Sunday afternoon. What do you do on Sunday afternoon?

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