Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A man in uniform should instill protection or pride...

Lately about all those uniformed men are instilling is fear and frustration. The approach of a police officer feels more like being thrown into the lions den! Please pray for our travels and our car. Today, not only did Antonio get stopped but they hauled him to the police station. They tried to scare him by hasseling him.

The final result? It was probably a mistake. Their advice was he should go to the USA embassy and get advice about his USA vehicle.

Explain to us what the USA embassy has to do with Mexican traffic laws and we will all be in the know.

We have decided to simply accept that God wanted someone there to hear Antonio testify to being a Christian and a Pastor. To see him NOT get physical or riled up like all the other people brought into that office.

Thank for your prayers always. Praise our almighty God for His constant protection.

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