Friday, April 25, 2008

Ya gotta love Calvin...

I wish I could download or upload half the book of Calvin and Hobbes that I am reading. I have been laughing for days! At what age exactly do we lose that childhood innocence and curiosity? I think I have felt every emotion in the above cartoon in the last couple of monthes!

Yesterday was an incredible day of ministry with the two ladies Bible studies. We have been studying what the Bible says about impatience/patience and anger/self-control. Amazing how a little verse or two can turn your world upside-down. Several of the ladies have been very convicted and it is so wonderful to see how God is changing them.
One of the ladies in particular has been showing in her facial expressions that things are happening. Her name is Isabel. She is not saved. She and her extended family are the devout catholics of the neighborhood. She has had perfect attendance since she began coming over a month ago. To be honest I thought she was coming for the scrapbook part of the meeting. She rarely says much but it is obvious that she is listening and thinking about all she hears. Yesterday toward the end of the study she burst into tears and shared that she is so happy about all she is learning and that she is finding answers to questions and problems. She asked us to pray that God would let her live to understand all we are talking about. Let her live? She shared that she is not well. She has several ovarian cysts. She has had surgery for this before. It was not a good thing. She was in a coma for 15 days as a result of complications. I shared a testimony of healing and later shared the gospel with her. She did not pray to receive Christ but I will see for coffee the beginning of next week. Please pray for salvation, peace, and for physical healing.

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