Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am legal for another year...

Spent two days in lines at immigration, but I have my visa for another year! Yesterday I went alone on the bus to pick up the visa. I wanted to go alone just to think for awhile. 4 hours round trip on the bus is plenty of time to think! So just what was I thinking about? Well my firstborn (Antonio Jr. alias TJ) turned 19 on Sunday! Alyssa my baby will turn 18 in June! Need I say more?
Actually I do need to say more. I am truly blessed to have two wonderful children. They are both saved. 3 John 1:4! TJ is an incredibly kind and motivated young man. He is a friend to all ages and God will do great things through him. Alyssa is lovely and very compassionate and a well centered young woman. She has a gift for discerning so much about people before they even speak. She has been instrumental in bringing in youth who would never come if Antonio or I had invited them. It is only by the grace of God that they have turned out so cool. The Lord knows my faults and I think I heard a whispered Uh huh from above as I wrote that!

Anyway, I had to think cuz I needed to remind myself to let loose the reins a little. Okay so a lot would be the phrase to use! I may be writing more in the near future as my homeschooling days will end in August and my kids will be off being a testimony in the school that God leads them to! Pray as they seek where God would have them and for me as I let go. My consolation is they are planning to attend school here in Mexico until our next furlough.

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