Friday, May 2, 2008

once a mom always a mom...

Yup it's me. I'm home already. All afternoon both Alyssa and I were looking for things to cheer TJ up or wondering out loud how he was doing. We went to lunch and walked around a mall type plaza. Then we walked home. We forgot the camera but if you think of your local Burger King you will pretty much know what lunch was like. If you think of Westshore Mall with a Meijers attached you have the mall. If you think of the projects in Chicago you have the walk home. I think the walk helped though. I feel much better equipped to face chicken pox! Guess that's a good thing since TJ just hollared "if I take a shower will you put calamine lotion on the spots on my back?"
By the way the superhero mom is Mama Lucha for a local store chain. She supposedly fights for deals for her family.

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