Monday, July 14, 2008

I copied a picture....

from one of the M2M team members webpage. It is of one of my favorite people right now. His name is Carlos.

He has had me laughing since the day I met him. Antonio gave him one of the soccer balls the M2M team left behind. (By the way he looks for you all in every room when he comes to church) His mom Sirenia says, "He pretty much lives with that ball! About the only place he doesn't take it is to church. And that's cuz we pry it out of his grip or he would be kicking goals down the center aisle into the pulpit!"

Yesterday Carlos had a 50 cent coin to put in the offering plate. He came marching across the church to TJ and asked for a tithe envelope and had to have his name written on it too! When asked what the money was for, he pointed to the offering bag and said "Iglesia Nueva (New Church)!" Apparently everyone at his house has a jar that they are trying to save money in for construction of a bigger building. He understood and had the coin in his pocket all week. Everytime someone tried to take he would scream and holler till they gave it back. For me it is so exciting to see mexican children being raised in the church. Alot of adults are so hard to the Gospel, we have a whole generation growing up into the truth. Please pray for Carlos, his brother and sister Dany and Anai, and their parents Sirenia and Juan.

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