Saturday, October 27, 2007

CcCcooold little bunnies!

Due to a cold front from, I think the North Pole, those of us south of the border have been wearing winter coats and sleeping in sweat pants and hats and mittens! The average temperature in the last 4 days has been around 40! For us that is freezing! Since there is no heat and tile floors and houses are concrete block it is often warmer outside than inside! Antonio says "Look on the bright side, we can hug more!" Seriously though, the cold has caused deaths. Please pray for especially the elderly, babies and the extremely poor.

Today we have youth group. I will be sharing with the girls about the third chapter in the book they are reading (And the Bride Wore White.) As I studied this past week I was a little clueless of how to teach it dynamically. Just as I thought that, one of the girls who has never called me, called! she was sharing about a problem and asking for advice. It led right into simply sharing some Scripture from the very lesson I was fretting about! Our God is too kind and always faithful to inspire. Please pray as I share all that He laid on my heart this week.

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