Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We've got a two year old!

Relax Mom,

We just celebrated the two year anniversary of the church in Trojes!

It was/is so sweet to see 74 people singing and giving testimony of the goodness and faithfulness of God! We all marvelled at how God took a small kid's club and is turning it into a church family. Several people shared the changes God has made in their personal lives. We cried for those who went home to heaven in this past year and smiled as we listened to the gurgles of the new babies God has blessed us with. Then like all good Baptists we ate! Oh did we enjoy the wonderful foods the ladies whipped up. After dinner we played some games and just enjoyed each others company. In our evening service we are going through a discipleship/doctrine course. On Sunday it went from 6PM till 8:30PM! The questions and explaining were so deep yet no one wanted to leave!

I have often mentioned that the three room apartment that we meet in is bursting at the seams on Sunday. We continue to look for property to buy. Everytime we think it is going to happen...it doesn't. To be honest we have been discouraged. However a few weeks ago the lady who lives next to the church (and lends us an empty lot for big events) offered us the opportunity to put in a cement slab and a roof over it! She is going to completely enclose the property with a brick wall. We will have lots of room until God sees fit to give us our own place! Our growing "two year old" will have lots of room to test her wings and fly! We look forward to all that God will do in this coming year!

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